Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vegan BLTs

It's October. Daylight grows shorter, mornings are getting nippy, and you're hungering for some fall soups and stews, right?

Wrong, if you're living in SoCal! We're getting hit with another heat wave, and yes, the tomatoes are still gorgeous in the farmers market. Jealous? Well I'm missing said fall mornings and gorgeous leafy autumn foliage, so it's my consolation prize. And having a batch of vegan bacon always at the ready in the freezer, per this recipe, Vegan BLTs make perfect sense.

It's hardly a recipe, just another reason to crow about how great the vegan bacon is, and DIY no less! It's my second day of VeganMoFo and I'm thoroughly enjoying calling myself a MoFoer!

In case you never made one, here's the recipe for a BLT, for one (double as needed!)

Vegan BLT
(serves 1)

2 slices bread, toasted (for extra crunch)
2-4 slices fresh tomatoes, depending on the size of your tomato
Vegennaise to taste
Vegan Bacon (DIY Pantry)

If you're using store bought vegan bacon, follow the instructions to cook it. If you're using homemade, fry it up in a pan and set aside. Spread vegennaise liberally on toast, top with tomato, your fakin' bacon and lettuce and cut in half.


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Vegan Fazool said...

Yup, I totally agree! But, it's funny, here in the NE U.S. (New Jersey, specifically) tomatoes are still going! As are figs! As are raspberries! We all just get a little pumpkin obsessed for that first crisp blog proves it!

Back to tomatoes, I say! And home made vegan bacon! (I need to make me some more home made tempeh, SOON). I saw your bacon recipe, btw, it looks great!

Glad to find you in the 'Fo Feed!

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