Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Pigs in the Blanket" with Vegan Merguez Sausage

One of my favorite food memories of my childhood revolved around when my parents would throw Bridge parties (the trick-taking card-game). The next morning my sisters and I would race downstairs to feast on the leftover nibbles from the party - assorted cheeses, mixed salted nuts - and if we were really lucky a leftover "pig in the blanket." What is that you may ask? Pigs in the blanket are '70s haute hors d'oeuvres whereby mini smoked sausages were wrapped in puff pastry (most likely Pilsbury crescent dough) and baked with the little edges sticking out. For kids they were almost better than candy!

Fast forward several decades and fond memories of those morning feasts led me to recreate that fun with my DIY vegan merguez sausages. Sure, I could have used puff pastry but with homemade tortillas in the house and my lazy-cooking bone screaming at me, tortillas it was. Although these were an inventive way to use the merguez I had recently made, you could easily buy vegan sausages at your favorite natural food store and do the same.

Just like the original these are so simple to make, whether you use puff pastry or tortillas, and they make great finger food. Here they are pictured with a tarragon Dijon mustard, my preference, but obviously serve them with whatever condiment you like best.

Vegan "Pigs in the Blanket"
(serves 4-10)

4 DIY vegan Merguez sausages (or any skinny vegan sausages from the store)
2 tortillas or 1 sheet puff pastry
oil for frying
condiments of choice

In large skillet fry up sausages over medium heat, rolling them to ensure an all over crispness. Just before sausages are ready, place tortillas in toaster oven and toast a few minutes to soften. Cut each tortillas in half and roll each sausage in one half, no more than 1 and 1/2 rolls. Slice into bite size pieces and secure with toothpick. Serve immediately with condiments.


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