Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm a VeganMoFo - for the Whole Month!

I'm a VeganMoFo for the whole month of October!

No, I'm not swearing at you or myself, a VeganMoFo is a vegan month of food, created by Post Punk Kitchen six years ago and this year more than 600 bloggers will be participating (that's a whole lotta vegan blog posts!!)

Doing what exactly? Well, we will be posting at least 20 posts this month all related to vegan food. Posts can contain recipes, restaurant or product reviews, or simply ramblings about veganism. Who knows what we'll see, it's my first time, it's just an adventure!

All of my posts will involve something from my DIY Pantry series, and will include the VeganMoFo badge to the left. Of course it will all be recipes, so stay tuned.

And in case you're a regular reader of this blog and are wondering if the lack of meat and dairy in my posts over the past several months means that I've gone vegan, well, not quite, but perhaps someday! But vegan cooking is still so fascinating to me that I will likely continue this trend for some time.

I have added the VeganMoFo blog roll to my blog roll if you're interested in seeing what others are doing. Personally, I think I'll spend more time reading blogs this month than actually cooking!


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