Friday, October 24, 2008

Color Me Happy

I think it is fair to say that the dominant culture in America is not one that embraces color as something to which people should aspire. Most home decorators will include a "splash" of color and fashion/style designers would go with the same. Although there are pockets of minority cultures here that thrive on vibrant colors in their dress and home decor - think of the brilliant colors of women dressed in traditional Indian Saris or the rainbow of suits and hats on African American women at church on Sunday - but the majority of folks don't do color. I won't try to analyze why, it would all be just guessing.

For whatever reason, I am once again in love with color, trying to wear it and although I can't paint my house as I would like (some of my past abodes I painted such bright colors as rasberry sherbet pink, cantalope orange, and fresh spring green) I wanted to share this slide show and accompanying article of "outside" artist Anada McLauchlin whose work left me filled with joy and pure happiness.

This is the slideshow from the article:

Here's the article if you're so inclined, but definitely check out the art as well!

Love and hugs

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