Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Locavores Across the Universe

So in lieu of always writing a lot, I'm also going to post news links to interesting food stories. Here's a Vermont School going local. While it is no longer "news" in that it is not completely new, I'm really excited that this practice is catching on in more and more places!

1)"Burlington Schools Celebrate Local Food and Local Farmers"

2) Go North Dakota!!! (Yes, you can eat locally in North Dakota, afterall, before Eisenhower's highway system existed to bring produce from Florida and California, local was all there was!)

"Local Foods Initiative Underway in North Dakota"

3) And in Montana...note that in this article the first farmer interviewed is from Big Sandy, which is where my favorite U.S. Senator (and organic farmer) Jon Tester is from.

"Agriculture, Local Food and Open Space at the New West Conference"

4) Wexford Ireland is no slouch either...

"Feeding Your Retail Habit"

5) And to round it out, here's a presidential like column on farming from Wisconsin.
(note all of these places are cold weather places, so it's not impossible!)

"McCain, Obama Should Pay Attention to Farmers"

Happy reading!

Love and hugs

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