Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maghreb Style Pomegranates

As I've mentioned before, pomegranates have fascinated me ever since I was a child due to the fruit being a key player in the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. When I finally tasted this quasi-mythical fruit I was tickled by its sweet tart flavor but somewhat at a loss as to how to use it as an ingredient. Then I found 64 sq ft kitchen, which I have raved about in many posts, but for which I am most grateful for introducing me to this simple pomegranate recipe

Warda, author of 64 sq ft kitchen, is Algerian but describes her home cuisine as from the Maghreb, which encompasses the North African countries of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya, all bordering  the Mediterranean to the North and the Atlas Mountains to the South. With my love of Moroccan cuisine still strong, I have mined her blog for lots of inspiration!

Orange blossom water is the key to this preparation and can be found in small groceries that cater to Arabic, Eastern European or Middle Eastern cuisines. It smells like perfume but is simply water with the essence of bitter orange blossoms. Combined with the tarty-sweetness of pomegranates and a touch of sugar it is an exotic entrance to another world, but so simple to prepare!

Maghreb Style Pomegranates

1 ripe pomegranate
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon orange blossom water

Deseed pomegranate by cutting it in half and then placing two halves in large bowl of water. Carefully pry out the seeds and pick off the membranes. All of the fleshy membrane will float and the seeds will sink. Remove the large chunks and pour off the water and drain well. Combine the sugar, orange blossom water and seeds in a small container and chill to allow seeds to soak. Serve with chocolate, over cut fruit or as is.


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Reeni said...

What a delicious way to eat pomegranates Kirsten! I find orange blossoms intoxicating! Happy Thursday! *HUGS*