Friday, June 11, 2010

Presto Pasta Night #167

Welcome to Presto Pasta Night #167! This week is especially exciting with a few new folks who are joining for the first time.

My apologies to anyone who saw the earlier post that was clearly unfinished. I was recently promoted at work and my new job involves both new responsibilities as well as some literal heavy listing (I'm the new cheese, wine and specialty manager at Coopporunity) and forgot to finish the post before falling into a dead sleep! So without further ado, let's see what's on tap for this week!

Sarah of What Smells So Good? brings us Gourmet-for-One Morel Pasta, an incredible mushroom dish she whipped up just for herself but kindly shared the recipe in case you want to share. Sounds like being alone in the kitchen is the perfect inspiration for Sarah!

Daphne of More Than Words sent us this Black Bean Seafood Udon for our dining pleasure. A "better use these things up sauce" produced a gorgeous udon noodle dish using just eight ingredients! Perfect for a quick dinner night and budget friendly as well!

Little Inbox of Eating Pleasure, provides us with Linguine Aglio Olio, her answer to the recent spate of food bloggers making this traditional dish - combine a bulb of garlic with veggies and olive oil and presto! A gorgeous, flavor packed pasta night!

Denise, of Oh Taste N See made EZPOT Pasta (Ratatouille Pasta) combined her desire to make Ratatouille and her husband's pasta craving to make this festive dish. EZPOT for those who are wondering, is the mantra for making ratatouille - eggplant, zucchini, peppers, onion and tomato - brilliant!

Kevin from Closet Cooking made Asparagus and Mushroom Japchae a traditional Korean dish made with cellophane noodles made from sweet potato starch. While he stuck the recipe most of the time he did add lots of enoki, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, definite favorites of mine!

Joanne of Eats Well With Others made Crispy Gnocchi with Green Beans and Peas with divine intervention as her alibi, at least to instructors when they wonder why she wasn't studying. Lucky us, we get the pleasure of making this gorgeous dish. Good luck with the exam Joanne!

Claire of Chez Cayenne made Spicy Peanut Pasta to share with Presto Pasta Night - her first time here - welcome Claire! This is good hot or at room temperature and is especially great for potlucks. Not only is it both vegan and vegetarian but with lots of spice to boot!

Christine of Kits Chow made Chiang mai noodles, Khao soy. Despite the name this is a one pot meal with a few basic ingredients - quick, easy and delicious! Hard to beat that with a wooden spoon!
Shannon, another new blogger to Presto Pasta Night, Welcome! - writes at Culinary Collegian and made Cold Medicine: Minestrina on the advice of her Roman roommate. Minestrina is a tomato, pasta and parmesan soup full of comfort and easy on the tummy when you're achy and cranky from feeling sickly. Sounds like something I need to have after a hard day of lifting wine boxes!

Haalo of Cook (Almost) Anything made Whole Wheat Ramen with Prawns, magical looking dish of elegant simplicity - hearty noodles with red miso, prawns and some wakeme. Lovely and amazing looking!

Beth Ann of The Seventh Level of Boredom shared her Asparagus Pesto Orzo her solution to using pesto without losing most of it to the pan. Asparagus pesto has been making the rounds of the blogs this spring and this looks like the perfect way to try it out if you haven't already!

And here's my submission Sundried Tomato Pesto. I was craving a briney meal and sundried tomatoes and Moroccan oil cured olives certainly fit that bill! I added some capers for extra omph!

Thanks to everyone for returning (or sending in your first submission!) I think it's a fabulous round up and hope you'll all be back next week when The Sweet Kitchen is hosting. Send your entries to sweetkitchen (at) rogers (dot) ca and cc me ruth (at) 4everykitchen (dot) com by next Thursday. I already have mine ready!



Ruth Daniels said...

And every dish looks awesome! Thanks for hosting Kirsten and for getting it up so early ;-D Now we all have time to do some pasta prep shopping before the weekend.

Claire said...

Everything looks so good. I have some new dishes to try!

Joanne said...

Awesome roundup! Thanks for hosting!

The Food Hunter said...

great round up!

daphne said...

Yummy! Thanks for all the carblicious round up! U did a fab job. =)

Little Inbox said...

Congratulations to you!