Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pan Bagne with Sundried Tomato Pesto, Feta and Fresh Basil

Pan Bagne, meaning "bathed bread", is a great French peasant invention for creating flavorful sandwiches with inexpensive ingredients. The "bathed" part is simply drizzling olive oil over whatever goodies you place inside a baguette (or long loaf style bread) and then wrapping it in foil and allowing it all to marinate at least over night, weighed down with something heavy. The oil makes all of the ingredients seep into the bread, transforming old crusty bread into a delicious meal!

This is the perfect picnic food since it is already "packaged" and you can tailor it to clean out the fridge or buy special food just to make it. I love using sundried tomatoes, basil and usually some cheese (slices of parmesan or in this instance a creamy goat feta) and usually olives because I can never get enough of them!

It's easy to envision lots of versions from marinated mushrooms, fresh thyme and a Swiss cheese to anchovies, roasted red peppers and provolone. This is one where you can let your imagination run wild! What makes it different from other sandwiches is the wrapping and pressing of the filled sandwich so that the favors permeate the bread. I've made this particular version and then sliced it thin and served it as finger food for a party. There's lots of ways to have fun with it!

Pan Bagne

1/2 baguette, cut in half like a book, with a hinge
2-3 tablespoons sundried tomato pesto
3-4 tablespoons feta
6-8 leaves fresh basil

Spread pesto on top and bottom of inside of baguette, crumble feta over pesto and lay basil leaves on top. Close baguette and wrap tightly in foil and place heavy weight (like a heavy cookbook!) on top and allow it weigh it down for 1-2 days. Unwrap and either cut in slices or eat as is.



Sophie said...

I so love tasty bagnas like this one.

I love home made red pesto using in here!

MMMMMMM,..this is one lovely sandwich!!

Blend said...

Did you know that the actual French term for bathed bread is Pain Beigné?