Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Simple, Easy and Delicious!

I’ve always enjoyed food challenges, particularly when it comes to making something delicious with a) what’s in the refrigerator and or b) fast. Here’s a quick sauté dish I created that covers both categories. I often eat it for lunch with either some bread or precooked grains (rice, barley). It proves the old adage that a little bit of seasoned meat adds a lot of flavor. While not everyone has pancetta in their refrigerator, it’s worth getting some to try with this dish. It’s so delish!

Sautéed Vegetables with Pancetta
(makes 3-4 servings)

2 tablespoons pancetta, diced
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 fennel blub, sliced thin
½ onion (or 2 green onions) sliced thin
½ apple, cored and sliced thin
1 bunch greens (kale or collards) sliced in ribbons

Sauté pancetta on high heat until it begins to brown. Add olive oil and turn heat down to medium. Add fennel, onion and apple and stir and cook about 4-6 minutes, until vegetables begin to soften. Add greens and toss and cook another 3-4 minutes until greens are all wilted. Add salt and pepper to taste.



Eve Fox said...

sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...


For the No-Knead Bread, there is missing some instruction I think. You say to pour the dough onto the counter after it rises overnight, then pour it into the oven-ready pot/lid. Why not just pour it into the pot instead of on the counter to start with? Or is there a step missing?


Kirsten Lindquist said...

hi connie, there isn't a missing step, that's what the NYTimes instructions were. I believe it is to allow the air to dry out the dough a bit before cooking it. You can skip it and see how it turns out. Let me know if there are not ill effects. Thanks for stopping by!