Friday, July 27, 2012

Thai Green Curry Noodles with DIY Fishless Sauce

When I came across Vegan Dad's recipe for Fishless sauce I knew it would make a great DIY Pantry post. And as my usual habit, the following post uses the DIY pantry item in a dish. But in thinking about what to make, my usual Thai curry sounded, well, a little boring and commonplace. After much perusing of the web several Thai noodle dishes popped up. Fantastic idea!

I am convinced that searching for recipes on the web is a real artform. Sure, there are lots of generic sites (the ones that pop up right away since they are usually paying for that service) and I tend to veer away from them and head toward personal blogs to support my fellow bloggers who you know have tested out the recipe. But upon spying this Easy Thai Noodles recipe that included a quick fresh Thai Green Curry recipe, I gave it a try. Really easy and really good was the verdict!

I will be sending this over to Ruth at Once Upon a Feast, founder and organizer of Presto Pasta Nights for next week's Round up. Stop by and the enjoy the entries! 

Thai Green Curry Noodles with Fishless Sauce
(serves 4-6)

1 lb flat pasta (linguini, tagliatelle)
1 cup cilantro, minced
1 cup mint, minced
1 cup basil, minced
4 scallions, cut thinnly
1/2 cup cashews, toasted lightly
3 tablespoons high heat cooking oil (Peanut, Sunflower, Safflower)
lime wedges for garnish

Thai Green Curry Paste
2 serrano chiles
2 jalapeno chiles
1/2 cup cilantro
1/2 cup basil
2 tablespoons lime juice
4 tablespoons red onion, minced
5 cloves garlic
3 inch piece of ginger, chopped
3 tablespoons fishless sauce (make it yourself)
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon brown sugar

Make pasta as directed and cook until almost al dente; drain and rinse with cold water to keep from sticking. Drain and set aside. Blend all ingredients for curry paste in a blender until a paste forms. Scoop into a jar and set aside 1 cup of paste. Heat a wok until smoking; add oil and swirl to coat wok. Add curry paste and stir fry 1 minute and then add cooked pasta and toss to coat until pasta absorbs paste and begins to stick to the pan, 3-5 minutes. Turn off heat and pour pasta into large mixing bowl. Toss with fresh herbs, scallions and cashews. Garnish with lime wedges and serve hot or cold.


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Reeni said...

These noodles look so tasty Kirsten! I just bought a jar of Thai Green Curry paste for the first time and I didn't like it. I'll have to try making it myself - love the fishless sauce.

Ruth Daniels said...

They do look wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

Simona Carini said...

What a beautiful plate of pasta!