Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rice Paper Spring Rolls

The great thing about reading other food blogs is the new and exciting things they bring into my cooking life.  101 Cookbooks is a perfect example. Heidi is always introducing me to wonderful new food ideas like Egyptian Dukkah or her Magic Sauce or her take on rice paper rolls. In her version, a wintery one as she deemed them, there is seasoned tofu, mushrooms and an onion paste sauce. Since I made mine on the summer solstice, my version were a bit more, well, summery!

Remembering my love of carrot ginger miso dressing, I used that as the flavoring base and added avocado and marinated fried tofu. Simple but delicious!

If you have never worked with rice papers, never fear, they are really simple to use if you remember the golden rule; do not let them soak in water more than the time it takes to say "One Mississippi." Really. You will think that they are too stiff and will not soften up and will be tempted to allow them to soak longer, but it is a trick. The sheets will continue to soften long after you pull them out of the bowl of water and then they will refuse to cooperate when you assemble all of your ingredients on top of them. So, repeat after me, "One Mississippi." Good. Now you are ready to assemble this fun food!

Rice Paper Spring Rolls (inspired by 101 Cookbooks)

carrot ginger dressing
2 avocados, cut in 16 slices total
1/2 lb tofu
1/3 cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
8 leaves lettuce, washed (romaine works well)
8 rice paper disks

Drain tofu from its packaging liquid and wrap in paper towels to dry. Slice into 1 inch slices and then cut in half. Combine soy sauce and sesame oil to blend well and pour over tofu in a baking dish (bread pan works well) and allow to marinated at least 20 minutes, turning slices over after 10 minutes. Make carrot ginger dressing by processing all ingredients in a food processor. Set aside. Dry fry tofu in a very hot skillet on top of the oven, turning once to brown sides evenly. Remove from pan and set aside to cool. Prepare to assemble rolls by filling large bowl with cold water and placing all ingredients together to be easily accessible. Dip a rice paper disk in water and submerge for only the amount of time it takes to say, "One Mississippi" and place on clean counter top or cutting board. Place lettuce leaf in the top half of the disk, smear some carrot ginger dressing on leaf, place tofu on top of smeared leaf and two slices of avocado on either side. Fold bottom half of rice paper over filling, to create a half moon, and beginning from the right, roll tightly. Place roll seam side down on a plate to rest. Repeat with remaining disks and ingredients. Eat immediately or store with layers of parchment paper between rolls to prevent them from sticking to one another.


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katiez said...

Wonderful - I can't get wonton wrappers here, but I can get rice paper. Just never quite sure how to use it... Thanks!