Monday, August 22, 2011

Pan Roasted Frying Peppers

Cruising around Kalofagas I was so inspired by this vision of fried peppers that three different types landed in my shopping cart the next day: Italian Frying Peppers, Hungarian Peppers and some fresh Cayenne peppers. Surprisingly, it was the Hungarian peppers that were the hottest!

If you like the roasted pepper flavors of Mexican foods, you will love pan roasted peppers. That smoky, distinctive pepper taste is so satisfyingly delicious that you will be surprised at how quickly people will devour them!

Like everything I prepare lately, these are quick and easy. Simply heat a heavy skillet over high heat until the pan is literally smoking. Add the peppers and allow them to char (blacken) on most sides. Then sprinkle with a little olive oil and lots of salt and eat! They are delicious pipping hot or after they have cooled down. Either way, do not skimp on the salt, it works magic!

Peter at Kalofagas fried his peppers in 1/2 an inch of oil. You try that route, but I can almost guarantee that it is unnecessary for gorgeous, delicious peppers. I actually sprayed the peppers in the pan with some olive oil and then dusted them with salt - they simply roast in their own skins without any oil.

Pan Roasted Frying Peppers (inspired by Kalofagas)

3-4 peppers per diner
olive oil to sprinkle or spray on cooked peppers

Heat a heavy bottom skillet, cast iron, enamel, over high heat for 4-6 minutes - you want it really really hot. Arrange peppers in one layer and allow to char, turning as they blacken. Once the pepper begins to fully soften - it does not need to be totally black all over - it is cooked. Spray or sprinkle with some olive oil and toss with salt. Remove from pan and repeat with any remaining peppers. Serve hot or warm.


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Emily said...

I just cooked up some peppers at lunch. My stove has a cast iron griddle plate in the middle so I just threw them on there. Worked pretty well. said...

I just made some and they were delish. Used a non stick pan, put the peppers in a gallon bag with a few drops of oil and wiggled them around until they were covered with oil. I'll be using them to amp up a sweet potato sandwich for lunch tomorrow. (sweet potato, roasted red pepper, sprouts, tomato, avocado on multigrain bread with a slice of provolone)