Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Living the Ojai Life

Yikes! It's been nearly a month since my last post. Well there's a good reason, I've moved. I arrived in Ojai, CA last Monday and have been "living on the edge" as my horoscope instructed, which means me and Rudy the cat are in temporary housing for a month as we look for a permanent place. So I guess I'll have to retitle this blog...

I am also waiting on a new computer (new to me) to arrive, so posts will be sporadic until the dust all settles. However, I am storing up ideas for the food blog (and am accepting ideas for a new title if anyone is so inclined).

Currently, I'm enjoying the southern California citrus bounty, eating grapefruits like oranges and murcots like there was no tomorrow! Of course the price for such abundance is heat and lots of sun, so I'm working on staying cool as much as possible.

Hope your summer is going swimmingly as well!


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