Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eat the View!


I started this blog back in September as Wall Street began its tumble, and begged people to grow something that they can eat. Well here's my own contribution. Since I don't have a big space for a central garden, I'm growing between and among the roses, other flower beds, and in pots. As long as you have good soil, sun, and water, you'll have an amazing harvest, I almost guarantee it!

A word on soil. If you're planning to grow in pots, don't even bother with "potting soil." It's totally sterile (on purpose) to keep out bugs. You want beneficial bugs, and sterile soil means you have to feed your plants chemical fertilizer. Buy Compost and use that as your soil. Spend the extra buck or two, your plants will love you for it. I'll repeat it because it's not what you usually hear: use 100% compost for potted plants. It's the best soil there is.

Just to prove it, this little sage plant was planted in just compost and it was about 1/5 the size it is now, and that was only 5 weeks ago!


Because my backyard is very shady, I'm growing the tomatoes in pots up against the back of the house which does get plenty of sun. Something to keep in mind with plants in pots, particular terra cotta pots or black plastic, is that they will dry out faster than plants in the ground so keep an eye on them and keep them well watered.

Roma Tomatoes

Here are the easy ones, herbs. I paid a dollar a piece for each of these, and with the price of fresh herbs these days, these are almost worth their weight in gold! Bay leaves fresh are such a treat!

Herb Trio - Thyme, Rosemary, Bay

I love fresh Arugula and spinach (the little plants in the foreground are the arugula). Can't wait for salads with these babies!

Spinach and Arugula

I tried fava beans for the first time a few months ago and now I understand all the fuss! Since they are a Mediterranean plant, I figured I should definitely grow them since they're very expensive, even in season!

Fava Beans

I hope you're inspired to growth something!

Love and hugs!

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Eve Fox said...

very inspiring! spinach looks so beautiful.