Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Menu Suggestions: Part 2 - Appetizers and Desserts

Welcome to Part Deux of my Thanksgiving round up; Appetizers and Desserts. Let's dig in!

Marinated Olives Moroccan Style
Wow! These were so easy I almost felt guilty taking credit for them. They look so exotic but they are made with a few pantry items. Toss them all together and allow to marinate for 2 days and bring them to room temperature, and voila, you have fancy marinated olives!

Prosciutto Wrapped Dates
Ah, these were a lovely experiment that turned out beautifully. While the end result is less than gorgeous the taste is phenomenal! Slit dates open and stuff with goat cheese, wrap in decadence aka prosciutto and bake. Delicious!

Double Salmon Dip
This is a real treat for the salmon lovers - smoked and poached salmon is combined with herbs and cream to make this luscious dip. Make sure to get fresh herbs since they make all the difference!

Maple Rosemary Glazed Walnuts
These nuts are so simple and easy to whip up but so gourmet tasting! Be sure to make a large batch since they are so addictive people won't be able to stop eating them!

Classic Stuffed Mushrooms
These are simplicity itself - saute mushroom stems with garlic, butter, parsley and bread crumbs and stuff into the caps with some cheese and bake. While I have listed these as an appetizer, they could easily come to the big table as a side.

Almond Cake
As I mentioned in my original post, this dessert really wowed me. If you like almonds in your desserts then do yourself a favor and make this cake. Super easy and so delicious! It would be great with whipped cream, ice cream, or just some fruit as shown here. It makes a lovely alternative to the traditional apple or pumpkin pie or simply another choice!

Chocolate Ricotta Tart
Ricotta in desserts was a discovery of the Italians; whether the Sicilians can claim that particular brilliance I do not know, but it was Sicilian Americans who introduced it to me in the form of canolis. Thus, I pay tribute to them regardless of the authenticity! Either way, this tart is stupendous - rich, creamy and dense. If you're making something chocolate for your feast, make it this tart.

Goat Cheese, Walnut and Pear Galette This was one of my first fruit tart/galettes and I was so proud of how nicely it turned out. It has a rustic crust but inside is hidden so much elegant goodness that it will pleasantly surprise your diners. Choose bosc pears - yellow or red - for best results since they are ripe no matter how soft or hard they feel.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you enjoy every morsel and drop!


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