Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tempeh Stuffed Greens with Tomato Sauce

Poor cabbage - it really is the ugly duckling of the food world. Especially green cabbage or even worse, a traditional, Old World European dish like stuffed cabbage leaves. Just that phrase conjures large, older men and women eating stinky cabbage, in the cold dark winter. Truly, not what you are fantasizing about while searching for sexy dinner and luscious looking meal ideas for this week of cupids and valentines.

Until you taste it...then the creamy filling mixes with the greens and sweet tomato sauce into one of the most delicious mouthfuls of bliss.

So just blindfold your love and feed them their first bite. Blindfolds are so sexy!

For the sharp-eyed readers you'll notice that my greens were not cabbage. In this version I used collard greens because of their abundance in my winter garden, but cabbage leaves would have worked just as well. Since my greens were so tender and fresh, I didn't blanch them before using them, but simply allowed the sauce to soften them. If you use large collard greens from the store or green cabbage, simply place a leaf in a pot of boiling water for 10 seconds and remove and drain. Cut out the stem after blanching, not before.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Year, New Chapter

Hello dear readers! In case you hadn't noticed, my posts on this blog are fewer and farther between because I am otherwise occupied...starting my new business!

From Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours, Catering and Personal Chef Services is officially launched!

The website is now live, orders are being taken, and I am so excited about my new chapter of working for myself, creating light filled food for people!

If you want more regular updates, please like us on Facebook where you'll hear about the fun things I'm making, as well as view photos of the weekly Farmers' Market shopping sprees that will now be part of my regular routine, lucky me!

The blog will not go away but the posts will be less frequent than the every four days that was my routine for more than 3 years. The business website includes a link to the blog, so the connection will continue.