Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Olive, Sundried Tomato and Artichoke Monte Cristo

I find it so fascinating that I have been cooking for over 25 years and never had a Monte Cristo sandwich until now. I didn't even know what it was! Of course once it was explained to me as French Toast with lots of decadence sandwiched between, I immediately had to give it a try.

This is definitely brunch fare, very rich and delicious, and not for any of you who are dieting or worrying about your cholesterol! However, it's a wonderful treat and I highly recommend playing around with the fillings to suit your tastes.

The authentic Monte Cristo Sandwich is gouda and turkey filled French Toast, but wanting a vegetarian version, here's what I created: Greek yogurt, chevre, olives, sundried tomatoes, basil and marinated artichoke hearts. It's a party in  your mouth!