Thursday, May 14, 2009

Extreme Frugality, Because the Times They are a Changing

Recently, I discovered a really fun and funny blog that is called "extreme frugality" on Gourmet Magazine's website. I love the sensibility of the writer and his almost maniacal pursuit of the good life at almost no cost. I also completely relate to his burning desire to live within his means (I've been on a cash only basis for nearly two years now, very enlightening experience!) Plus, he's hilarious.

I especially love "What Was I Thinking?" When he drives the family from Maine to Florida on a combined business/pleasure trip. It's quite a treat!

Here's the link to the archive, a new post goes up late Thursday afternoon, and I'm always refreshing the page waiting for it to pop up. Ahh, how did we ever live without the internet to entertain us? Hope you enjoy! (copy into your broswer)

Love and Hugs!

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